Mortal Intelligence + Student Advocacy Counsellor

Moral Intelligence + Student Advocacy Counsellor

At North Star Elementary School we model and practice the virtues of Empathy, Kindness, Conscience, Self-Control, Respect, and Perseverance on a daily basis.Students also, participate in a weekly, grade level Moral Intelligence assembly.These assemblies include thematic stories, role plays and hands on activities to reinforce each virtue. 

“Moral intelligence is the capacity to understand right from wrong; it means to have strong ethical convictions and to act on them so that one behaves in the right and honorable way.  This wonderful aptitude encompasses such essential life characteristics as the ability to recognize someone’s pain and to stop oneself from acting on cruel intentions; to control one’s impulses and delay gratification; to listen openly to all sides before judging; to accept and appreciate differences; to decipher unethical choices; to empathize; to stand up against injustice; and to treat others with compassion and respect.  These are the core traits that will help your child become a decent, good human being; they are the bedrock of solid character and strong citizenship, and they are ones we want most for our kids”.  (quoted from Building Moral Intelligence:  The Seven Essential Virtues that Teach Kids to do the Right Thing, Dr. Michele Borba, 2001, p.4)

Our Student Advocacy, Mrs. Dusty Fraser works with many students at North Star Elementary School every day, Monday to Friday. Our counselor offers a wide range of counseling services for students and families, including individual counseling.student support groups, deployment groups, in-class presentations and consultations. Please feel free to drop by for a visit or call if you have any questions or concerns.